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Children's Space

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Preschool For All

All children who will be 3 or 4 years old on or before September 1 and who have a parent or legal guardian living in Multnomah County are eligible for Preschool for All.

You may qualify for this program if:

  • Your family resides within Multnomah County
  • All residents are eligible regardless of income or other status

For more information, visit the Preschool For All website.

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A happy childhood creates happy adults. We cannot predict the future, but we can legacy tools for life. Get to know our services!

We are a program with strong values ​​that we transmit to our little ones. Values ​​are the basis of our daily actions, and we know that they are instilled from early childhood. Therefore, we seek to promote them in the children who come with us. A person with well-established values ​​is a person who is going to succeed in all his projects, but above all, that person will be someone who is going to build a better world.

Una niñez feliz crea adultos felices. No podemos predecir el futuro, pero podemos heredar herramientas para toda la vida. ¡Conoce nuestros servicios!

Somos un programa con fuertes valores que transmitimos a nuestros pequeños.
Los valores son la base de nuestro actuar diario, y sabemos que son inculcados desde la más tierna infancia. Por eso, buscamos promoverlos en los niños que nos acompañan. Una persona con valores bien establecidos es una persona que va a triunfar en todos sus proyectos, pero sobre todo, esa persona será alguien que va a construir un mundo mejor.

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